About us

Why Galston Park?

Galston Park Pre and Post Training Centre

We use a veritable of different surfaces and structures to work on depending on the performance program of each athlete.

Surfaces include but are not limited to Turf, sand, compacted crusher dust, inclines and declines, open fields, arenas, round yards and stockyard barriers.

Galston Park is a boutique training centre catering to only a small number of athletes at any given time, ensuring every athlete is given an ample amount of time daily to thrive physically and mentally.
Integrity and our name in the racing industry mean everything.

We follow orders, do what we say we are going to do, keep you well informed of your horse’s progress or anything we may stumble across throughout working with your horse.

We offer suggestions and solutions to any hurdles because we care about EVERY horse that comes through our gates, and most importantly, WE GET RESULTS.

Our property

Galston Park is located in the Hills District 45 minutes from Randwick Race Course and Warwick Farm and is 100% owner-occupied and managed by Bella Finnerty – Founder and Managing Director.

Our property consists of hardwood post and rail fencing lined with equine mesh and hot wired.
Our stables are walk-in walk-outs with sand day yards and automatic waters with a 1-acre grass paddock attached to each stable and day yard.

Horses have full access to their very own stable, day yard, and grassy paddock all day after their morning training session; after their afternoon feeds, they are all locked in his/hers walk-in walk out stable and day yard.

Thoroughbred Stables

This method is used to acclimatise the horses to full-time stable life slowly.
During their last 1/2 weeks of training, the horses are locked in the stable at night, and it converts to a walk-in walk-out stable with day yard for the day where they have restricted any access to their acre grassy paddock.

Life for a racehorse can significantly vary from spelling to full racing stabling and work.
The daily routine in a racing stable is very structured, and there are specific things that the horse has to accept, so the more we kindly gradually prepare the horse for this the less of a cultural shock it is for them when they get into it return to full work and stabling.

It's build on trust

Trust is of great importance to us at Galston Park, trust from you and trust from your horse, we think of ourselves as partners with yourself and with your horse, and that’s why we treat every horse like they are our own.

We do not believe in breaking horses or dominating them into submission; we believe in creating a solid partnership where the horse wants to perform.

Bella treats every horse she works with as though it is her own. Every horse is treated equally and given Five-Star treatment setting each athlete up for the best possible success. We considered it a privilege to work with every equine athlete we train throughout their racing careers.
Galston Park caters to fillies and colts, mares and geldings and stallions.

Bella has an extensive background in working with difficult or aggressive horses getting to the root of the problem to solve it on the ground and under saddle.

Galston Park Built on Trust

Important routine & exercises

Bella rides every horse every morning at Galston Park; she is 100% hands-on in every aspect of every horse at Galston Park. 

Though Bella has built a team of superstars and superheroes, Bella personally rides each-and-every horse every morning. She provides a very extensive fitness and mental report of every horse weekly. Including what your horse had done each week, their signs of progress or failures and recommendations for the week ahead, keeping you well informed for every step of your horse’s journey at Galston Park.

No stone is left unturned to explore every possibility and angle to maximise the mental and physical wellbeing. 

We maximise stamina, mental strength and courage of your horse. From diet and nutrition with anti-doping legal supplements, conformation, top line and hindquarter specific training, correct selection of gear to bring out the best of the individual, desensitisation to visual and auditory stimuli, heart and courage. 

Thoroughbred riding

Just like humans, some of us are just born with natural courage and spirit, and others less so. 

Still, most of us, when encouraged, trained and supported in finding our inner courage and strength, can achieve great results.

This with the right type of physical training and muscle conditioning, creates A BEAST of an athlete.

About Bella

Bella grew up on 5,000 acres down the south coast of Narooma.
In an earlier life, she trained at the Australian Institution of Sport as a triathlete and competed at a national level.

In her late teens, she took a few gap years and rode abroad in Ireland and Germany in hunting, track work and show jumping, and she returned to Australia to complete her Bachelor in medical science at UNSW.

While studying, Bella worked at Randwick Race Course as a trackwork rider for the late John Morish and Kevin Moses.
After completing her medical degree, she entered the medical field and continued to work with horses, schooling thoroughbreds after their racing careers in Show Jumping and working on educating racehorses beginning their racing careers.

Bella’s passion in life has always been science, physical training for competitive sport and racehorses, which she now combines all three into one super passion.
She’s incredibly competitive and a perfectionist about her life long dream, which has always been to have a pre and post-training centre.

Bella can ride anything and is also classically trained – a rare combination! She has a deeply personal insight into what it takes mentally to be an athlete, transferring this knowledge and experience onto the young equine athletes she works with.
Bella is highly credible and experienced in training and riding racehorses, natural horsemanship, showjumping and dressage, medical care, nutrition and equine husbandry.
Having a substantial medical and scientific background, the commitment and drive of a professional athlete and the heart and courage to ride, work and jump, she is a force to be reckoned with in the racing industry.

Bella is humble and grounded with a kind and generous nature. Combined with a fire and drive inside her that is intoxicating to all those around her. With Lady-Luck on her side, you’ll be glad she on your side and not training your competitor’s horses, that’s for sure.

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